Gulf Lamar is one of the industry pioneers in facility management, manpower solutions and third party service contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Primarily established under the name of our founder; Fahad Mohammad Salim Al Karbe Contracting Services to service the cleaning operations of Saudi  companies in the Retail and  Hospitality Sector.

From this initial venture, Fahad Karbe Contracting Services grew into Gulf Lamar and expanded  its operations to include Maintenance services, Cleaning, Pest Control Services, Manpower Support solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Warehouses, Supermarkets etc.. To meet the  challenge of its expanded operations and ensure business focus, the  operations is structured into business units or division.

We are specialist in what we do

We at Gulf Lamar operate with a service quality mindset. We strive to exceed expectations at everything we do with a simple methodology.


We have trained janitors taking on a wide range of indoor & outdoor cleaning projects.

Hygiene Solutions

We offer full scale hygiene solutions for both Residential and Commercial spaces.

Manpower Support

We are able to provide both skilled & non-skilled manpower for all industries. We are capable of handling short-term and long-term projects.

Get hands on support

Get the right people for your project at the right time for the right duration.

Yes, we can handle it.

Pest Control

We boast multiple treatment methods and focus on prevention.

Tell them goodbye

The key to ending this problem once and for all is to attack at the core cause of pests.

That is exactly where we start.


Get certified technicians to ensure your facility faces no downtime. 24/7.

Toolbox is our best friend

We cover a wide range of services in maintenance, including but not limited to:

– Electrical
– Mechanical
– Plumbing
– Air conditioning
– Fire, Security & CCTV

Our Esteemed Clients